Oxcarbazepine Tablets IP

Oxcarbazepine Tablets IP
Oxcarbazepine Tablets IP
Product Description
Oxcarbazepine Tablets IP are anticonvulsant medicines that are prescribed for reduction in epilepsy and as additional therapy for bipolar disorder. They are known to show bioavailability of more than 95% with metabolism in liver by cytosolic enzymes and glucuronic acid. These tablets have very high bioavailability and work by blocking voltage-sensitive sodium channels to exert their curative effects. This activity of Oxcarbazepine Tablets IP results in stabilization of neural membranes that are hyper excited. They are also known to have ability to inhibit CYP2C19 resulting in its increased concentration in plasma.

Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 1000 Box
  • Usage : Commerical

Oxcarbazepine is used in the treatment of epilepsy

How it works
Oxcarbazepine controls seizures or fits by suppressing the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain.

Common side effects
Sleepiness, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Double vision, Fatigue, Dizziness

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