Anastrozole Tablets

Anastrozole Tablets
Product Description

Used in the treatment of Breast Cancer in women who are past menopause and suffer from other conditions, Anastrozole Tablet is a drug that consists of an active ingredient called Anastrozole. The drug inhibits the production of estrogen and various other substances in the body. The various side effects caused by the drug vary from one patient to another and may include spike in blood levels of enzymes within the liver, numbness, shortness of breath, rash, tingling sensation in the hands. The severity of the side effects depends upon any other medications being consumed by patients and any allergies that constituent the drug. A doctor must be consulted immediately in the event that patients experience any side effects or worsening of condition. It is imperative that a doctor be informed of any medications being consumed by the patient along with pre-existing health conditions such as allergies and diseases. Susceptibility to side effects may increase depending on health conditions. Dosage must be followed strictly as prescribed by doctor or as directed on the package. The drug should not be used with tamoxifen and other therapies that contain estrogen. The various conditions that increase the risk of side effects include severe liver disease, osteoporosis, problems caused due to blood circulation, high cholesterol levels. 

Product/Composition:- Anastrozole Tablets
Strength:- 1mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 Million Tablet/Month

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